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Shanghai Tiancong Industrial Co., Ltd. , in line with the establishment of "One-stop Medical Glove Purchasing Center" , to be the most professional supplier of medical gloves, constantly improve the types of disposable gloves, looking for excellent manufacturers to provide higher-quality gloves, and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many domestic hospital and research institutes. 
All products of Shanghai Tiancong Industrial Co., Ltd. are guaranteed in quality, which makes you feel more at ease.
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Shanghai Tiancong Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and sells disposable medical gloves. Since 2011, we have cooperated with Thai manufacturers and become the general agent of latex gloves in China. Our products include disposable latex examination gloves (sterilized and non-sterilized), Disposable Nitrile examination gloves and disposable PVC examination gloves. The company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with a number of retailers and agents.

Attation: It is strictly prohibited to download for other purposes. For more information, please contact 021-55155860. Thank you.
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